Cabine de beauté  YURI  《Tokyo》

Cabine de beauté YURI 

Very small shop that is located in a quiet residential area of Japan.

Facial treatments using natural plant ingredient is popular.

Please leave during  the skin care of  daily life to a trip.

Please experience the [omotenashi] = "hospitality" of Japan.


Esthetician YURI.


Nice to meet you. My name is YURI. 

I am a 10-year esthetician in Japan.

I love to travel and cat.

I speak English and French, but it is very little.

But, please do not worry. I  have the documentation to know your skin condition and requests.

Our estheticians will bring out the best in your skin.


Esthetic     "From energy and plants your beauty revives"

●Acne skin Facial 【60minutes】15,000JPY

Detoxification treatments + massage 《shoulder, neck, decollete, scalp》

●Anti-Aging Facial 【90 minutes】20,000JPY

Detoxification treatments +Nutrition Treatment + Tonification treatment + massage 《shoulder, neck, decollete, scalp》


MK Cellectronic-Visage Treatment uses micro-currents of MK Cellectronic unit combined with the botanical principles of specific plants.The skin is successively cleansed, nourished, and toned during this Three-Phase treatment: 



Treatment information, more information, please click here.



□ Nearest station  Tokyu Ikegami ligne《Nagahara》☆4-minute walk away. 



□ Address Ota-ku, Tokyo Kamiikedai 1-47-2

☆ Apartment name and room number I will tell you at the time of booking.





□ Cabine de beauté YURI 

□ Open 10:00am〜10:00pm

□ Contact us 📩

□ The size of the bed180cm x 100 cm《It is very small.

□ Payment method;Credit card《VISA,Master,Americanexpress》 Or Japanese Yen.

☆ Wi-Fi◎ cooling / heating◎ dryer◎ hair brush◎ mirror◎ toilet◎ 

  Makeup Supplies×(Please bring your own thing.)


1. Please inform the reservation hope date and time by an email.

2. I transmit an email of the decision of the reservation.

3. Please come on direct  Cabine de beauté YURI  on the reservation day.

4. Counseling

5. Payment

6. Change of clothes

7. Treatment

8. Change of clothes

9. Tea Time(Japanese tea)

10. Please fix the hair and makeup on your own.
11. Was cheers for good work.

Nearby access

Nearby tourist information

To walk 6 minutes

Parc Senzokuike

Spring est bondé avec Sakura, vous serez en mesure de profiter de la chute du feuillage à l'automne.Il ya aussi une historiquement célèbre 《Saigo Takamori, Katsu Kaishu》 monument.


12 minutes montent Tokyu Ikegami

Temple Honmonji

Ce est un très grand temple célèbre.

Page d'accueil Ikegami Honmonji est ici.

『Nagahara』→『Tokyo teleport』Environ 25 minutes en train.


Monorail ou en bus, vous pourrez également profiter de boutiques et de restaurants, des paysages aussi le meilleur! Je peux profiter de toute la journée. Il ya aussi un grand Gundam.Odaiba des Cliquez ici pour plus de détails.